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Submitted on
November 24, 2012


16 (who?)

I accept points too! :points: 1 U$ = 100 pts


*Background price:
This is the price for each kind the background.

Simple: +3 $
Commission: Cupid by Gamibrii

More Detailed: +10 $
Warm Winter by Gamibrii

Complex: +15 $
Island by Gamibrii Raposa - comission by Gamibrii


:star: Sketch art :star: 

Here comes the sun by Gamibrii
Give my swag back by GamibriiNutcracker by Gamibrii.:Com:. Blacklash by Gamibrii
Warm Winter by Gamibrii Paige by Gamibrii

8 U$ -  headshot
10 U$ - for a unique character
15 U$Digital colored sketchs  


:star: Digital Art :star:

Edward - the shark by GamibriiCommission: Cupid by GamibriiFlowers and Chocolate by GamibriiGamibri and her Bolinho by Gamibrii

Lineart + Color : 15 $ 
Lineart + Color + shading 20 $
Chibi Colored: 15 U$

Shakiria by GamibriiA small gift for a big person by GamibriiXecat - The Mutant Xweetok (Open) by GamibriiHot and Wet by GamibriiI don't know dude by Gamibrii


:star: Digital Headshot :star:

Lineart + FULL colors : 15 U$ 
I,me,me,mine by GamibriiGoiabada by GamibriiHuman Robot by Gamibrii


:star: Lineless :star:

Isca by GamibriiBelieve in your heart by GamibriiRoronoa Zoro by GamibriiEABR0 by Gamibrii

Work Lineless 30 U$
Furry work Lineless: 40 U$

Capukat by GamibriiWuffle by GamibriiCanduni by GamibriiFamily (painting) by Gamibrii

Headshot lineless: 20 $ 

Gamibri being Gamibri by GamibriiBrasil by GamibriiBlack Water by GamibriiSipho by Gamibrii


:star: Comics :star:

( 5 panels max per page)
The price varies acording to the characters and background!
30 $  ~ 40$ ~ 50 $
Sketch | Lineart | Colors

Lullaby (39 PG) by GamibriiLullaby (1 PG) by Gamibrii:Robotan (1 PG) by Gamibrii Lullaby (7 PG) by Gamibrii


:star: Avatars and pixel :star:

*Simple Pixel avatar: (50x50) 5~8 $ 
*Animated Avatar: (50x50)  10~+(varies according to the complexity of the animation)

EABR0 - bate o pe by GamibriiGami fly high by GamibriiXasman Pixel by GamibriiRobotiny by GamibriiQem mad by Gamibrii

*Food avatar: (50x50) 5 $
Gamibri...surprise! by GamibriiMarrie ...surprise! by Gamibrii


Bigger avatars: 8 $  (200x200 max) (100x100 min) 
Animated Bigger avatars: 10 $ (150x150 max) (100x100min) 

Spike pixel by GamibriiBallad Eabr0 by GamibriiMytigertail by GamibriiCommission: Talim by Gamibrii.:Com:. Si pixel by Gamibrii


 Watercolour art:

Find by GamibriiPerfect dream by Gamibrii

Imagination by GamibriiJUMP by GamibriiFlitter Heart by Gamibrii

Watercolour art: 20 $
simple bg + 5 U$
complex BG + 10 U$

04 by exampleaccount01 Buy 2 watercolour full art and win a headshot! 04 by exampleaccount01

(the price can be more cheap depending of the complexity)

\_/ Terms and Conditions: \_/


Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat

Pay with Paypal,I'll start after payment;
But if you're brazilian,I accept bank deposit.
100 :points: = 1 $.


:bulletred: I NOT DO: 
explicit violence, pedophile,
offensive art,
my OC's with their (without my approval.)
,just ask me.

:bulletgreen: I DO:
Furry,dinosaurs,pony,nude stuff (sexual stuff) ,animals,
fanarts,yaoi/yuri,cute stuff etc. (ask me)


■ Contact me:

Send me a note/ in deviantart of furaffinity,
comment or e-mail. 


:star: Price: :star:

(USD price )
(The value is for character / thing / or depeding the complexity / considerable element)



Shall be defined according to need,
otherwise it will be done in order.



*Buying a work you are free to show it your websites,
but provided the credits, the work can not be sold or published
copyrights and ownership of the drawing remains to me.

Characters and adotables:

*When you buy a character you can change
 and use the design when you want,you're able to 
resell too but with a lower price.

*You don't need to credit the design,it's yours for use in 
NO-MONEY envolving, I still retain the design copyrights.

*Traditional info:
but you need to pay the shipping.


SLOTS: ( 2013)

1. :iconfirespikekawa:  .:Com:. Chibis with cookie by Gamibrii

2. :iconfirespikekawa:  .:Com:. Warm Hug by Gamibrii

3. :iconmcgack: .:Com:. Master of the Magic by Gamibrii

4. :iconhybrid-kitty: .:Com:. Chester by Gamibrii

5. :iconcrazytail411: .:Com:. Crazy Tail -Badge by Gamibrii

6. UniversalBlue .:Com:. Crush by Gamibrii

7.  :iconlouizim: .:Com:. Writi Comission by Gamibrii

8. :iconluanelins: Flutterspy Comission by Gamibrii

9.  :iconronekimew: .:Com:. Nico sketch by Gamibrii

10.  :iconblacklistrival1: .:Com:. John Clarke by Gamibrii

11. :iconlibra-w: Libra-w Comission by Gamibrii

12. :iconlastoftheknights: -  Lost harmony by Gamibrii

13. darkwolf3006 .:Com:. Blacklash by Gamibrii

14. :iconmizamy: .:Com:. Garth party by Gamibrii

15. :iconshindosgirl:  .:Com:. Pili pixel by Gamibrii

16. :iconiiers: .:Com:. Kiba pixel by Gamibrii

17. :iconiiers:.:Com:. Si pixel by Gamibrii

18. :iconzeta-haru: .:Com:. GabexZeta (animated) by Gamibrii

19. :iconjewelycat: Comission - Crystal by Gamibrii

20. Samarax Commission: Red Trunk by Gamibrii

21. wanderer-of-time Commission- Show off by Gamibrii

22. :iconniniliger: Commission: Nini by Gamibrii

23. :iconmastersaruwatari:   Commission: Talim by Gamibrii

24. :iconviscountessalmyra: Sea of Roses (bigger) by Gamibrii


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ravenoftheclans Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... Way to expensive... :iconpaintedfeline: is good in this type of stuff... I love the way she doesn't make it too expensive- or too cheap.
Anyone can choose the best price but,since dA takes 20%...
1 U$ is 100 :points: is the normal price.

By the way,you still can use paypal to buy art.
ravenoftheclans Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah... Where do you live? For me $1.00 is equal to 80 Points ... Weird 0-0
But dA takes 20% when you convert points>money
and....I know anyone choose a price,but her art is like less than 5 dollars!
ravenoftheclans Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... Then I'd don't know... Waaaah! 
DarkJazmine Mar 25, 2014  Student Artist
nvm then
How can we send u money?:)
Insteresting.Thank you!
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